Craving: Twinkies

I choose what I want to eat based on what I crave, every now and then I’ll post a craving. Today I’m having a nostalgia moment. When I was little there used to be a Hostess factory 20 minutes outside Boston. You could smell the bread baking miles before you could see the factory. But do you know what it really smelled like TWINKIES! I’m totally feigning for that sweet yellow cake filled with vanilla cream. And I found my new favorite place to satisfy that craving in NYC. It’s a small bakery on Eighth Ave in Chelsea called Lulus Bakeshop. They have perfected the upscale Twinkie. The have lemon twinkies which consists of yellow cake with lemon filling dipped in a vanilla shell. They also have a chocolate cake with chocolate filling dipped in chocolate. They carry red velvet for all you lovers out there as well. But if your not in the Twinkie mood as I am they also have recreated snow balls and their cupcakes pretty flavorfull. Their frosting on the cupcakes is not a sweet frosting but a smooth butter cream. They have unique flavors that you  can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Lulu Cake Boutique

112 Eighth Ave btwn 15th & 16th St Ny, Ny


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