Best Frozen Yogurt

So I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter called the Gayot. I highly recommend subscribing. This month they listed the top ten places for frozen yogurt in nyc, and my favorite is #1! 16 Handles! My argument for 16 Handles is that it has the most flavors (and a few for us lactose intolerant) and toppings. The flavors do rotate depending on the season and usually throughout the season, though they do have their mainstays like mint, oreo, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry banana and I’m sure I’m missing a few. I actually own their frequent buyers card and get full use out of it.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve had heated discussions over who has the best fro yo amongst my friends. Pinkberry remains the most popular, though we’ve come to the conclusion that a small few like the plain vanilla fro yo at Pinkberry. I am not a fan of Pinkberry in general. Then Mango makes its way into the discussion with little fanfare. What do you think?  I’ll head out to conquer this list, and stay tuned for my reviews!

The top 5 for Gayots Nyc Best frozen yogurt

#1 16 Handles – 153 2nd Ave – (212)260 – 4414

#2 40 Carrots – Bloomingdales – 1000 Third Ave 7th Fl (212)705-3085

#3 Berrywild – 427 3rd Ave – (212)686-5848

#4 Eskimix – 318 Bleecker St. – (212)206-6828

#5 Holey Cream – 796 9th Ave – (212)247-8400

for the rest of the list please see


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