Westville Chelsea

Last night I went to Chelsea to have dinner with a friend. She brought me to this cute restaurant Westville Chelsea. It reminds me of a restaurant on Bowery that recently opened called Peels. But this was more quaint, has multiple locations (Westville East, on Avenue A and Westville on W 10th St) and isn’t southern food.  It a great place for lunch and/or dinner. It’s american food, not expensive but not cheap. The ambiance is homey, with bright yellow walls and floor to ceiling windows. The waiters and waitresses walk around in 90s vintage t-shirts and cutoff jean shorts, there are great black and white photos on the wall (as shown below). It’s a light, fun and yummy atmosphere. I would definitely go back.

Now to the food. I had the Cod Fish Po’ boy with fries and my friend had almond encrusted fish over a pear salad. For the Po’boy it was a basic fried fish sandwich, the fish was falling apart, (which is a good thing) you couldn’t really taste the red pepper tartar sauce. The fries were crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked in the middle. My friends meal looked so exquisite upon arrival our neighbors had to order the same thing. It was a great choice overall with nothing to complain about. I finished off dinner with the  Berry Crumble. It was absolutely delicious. The crumble was a flour based crumble not with oatmeal, but it wasn’t too sweet and not too tart. All in all it was a great meal, with great staff.

Westville Chelsea Menu

246 West 18th St. btwn 7th & 8th Ave NY,NY


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