Milk & Cookies Bakery

Milk & Cookies Bakery is a cozy, yummy, warm place located in a sweet section of the West Village right off of 7th Ave South. Walking into the bakery is like walking into your mother’s kitchen after she’s baked a plate of gooey chocolate chip cookies, moist brownies and a fluffy cake all at the same time. The best part is, is that you can wash it all down with a cold glass of milk. It’s the way life should be lived.

The only thing better than the cookies, cupcakes, brownies and whoopie pies they offer, are the most best prices for sweets you can find in the city. Going to Milk & Cookies you definitely get more for the money.

When I arrived at Milk & Cookies Bakery there was a food tour meeting in the small seating area. But I didn’t feel like it kept me from enjoying the petite location. It actually made me like it more. The service was exceptional: friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. I got a little carried away when I placed my order for 3 cookies, a whoopie pie and a cupcake. I got their best seller: salted caramel, which had a good combination of salty sweet with an oatmeal base. The chocolate cookie was sweet enough without being too sweet and the oatmeal raisin was the best of them all.

The whoopie pie was the best I’d ever had. The filling wasn’t too whipped but not too sweet either. The chocolate cake was not too fluffy but not too dense either. It was perfect. The vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting was just the same. Milk & Cookies rivals some of the best cupcake places in the city. It was moist, with a lot of flavor and melted in your mouth.

All in all, Milk & Cookies Bakery is severely under-rated in the dessert scene in the city. I 100% recommend this place for a cute night-cap on a date, just to stop by and say hi, for a chocolate craving, or just a cold glass of milk. Milk & Cookies Bakery can do no wrong.

Milk & Cookies Bakery

19 Commerce St. West Village

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