Over-rated|Under-rated Vol. 1

So here’s my first volume of Over-rated/Under-rated. A little expose about restaurants, cafes and just all things food that are above par and below. Please feel free to add and discuss.


1. Magnolia Bakery – The lines in the west village location consistently wrap around the corner just so a tourist can say they went to the same cupcake place that Carrie did on Sex & the City is completely unnecessary. Sex & the City ended almost 10 years ago anyways! But on top of the line I don’t want to stand in, the cupcakes are below par. They are consistently dry and chalky. I am also not a fan of the fact they lay them out on a little bench and you pick your own. It’s just unsanitary (though I hear they are behind the counter at the newer locations). Although the cupcakes are below par, the other pastries that are kept behind the counter are absolutely delightful.

Magnolia Bakery – 401 Bleecker St. 10014 (212)462-2572

2. Grimaldis– Another situation of an unending line that’s not worth waiting in. I waited in line for about 30 minutes in the cold and rain for my birthday last year. And that was one of the shorter waits. The restaurant is cash only, and you have to order a whole pizza. No slices. The restaurant is crowded and noisy. You’re eating on top of people. They boast that they have a wood fired oven. But maybe they need flavored wood, because the crust had no flavor whatsoever. It tasted like cardboard. The cheese was bland as well. Let’s just say I will not be returning.

Grimaldis Pizzeria – Under the Brooklyn Bridge 19 Old Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 Cash Only

3. Dean & Deluca – Completely overpriced. There’s no way around it. I went in because they have cupcakes from a little shop on the upper east side and looked at the prices and gasped. I then decided to just make the trek to the upper east side and see if they were cheaper. The cupcakes from Dean & Deluca were double the price they are at the bakery itself. Something isn’t right there. A breakfast sandwich will put you back about 8$. For a bacon egg and cheese?! You’ve got to be kidding me.

Dean & Deluca –  On the Corner of Prince and Broadway

4. Delicatessen – the food is just ok and the prices are pretty steep. They don’t even have an “A” health code rating. So what am I paying for? The location I guess. A lot of celebrities seem to enjoy it too. But that doesn’t mean I have to. The ambiance is the best quality. Then I look at my bill and decide it’s just not worth it.

Delicatessen – 54 Prince St. Ny, Ny 10012 (212) 226-0211


1. Crosby St. Deli – This little bodega is probably much like other bodegas in the city, but this one is located in Soho. Soho is tourist central, so it’s hard to find a place so inexpensive and sells the same things that are marked up by double all around it. An Egg and Cheese is only 2$. A liter of Poland Spring water is 1.75. I hear that the quesadillas are very good for the money too. I do suggest to pass on the bagels though. Do stop outside a grab some raspberries or bananas too. Although you can find cheaper on Canal St. it’s not that far off, especially if you don’t want to walk the extra blocks.

Crosby St. Deli – 21 Crosby St. Deli & Grocery btwn Broadway & Lafayette St.  Cash Only

2. Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery– Everytime I go to this bakery I get so excited I just end up buying a half-dozen cupcakes for myself. Unless they raised the prices cupcakes are $1.75. Cupcakes on average in NYC are about $2.50 each and some go higher. So when I walk into Sugar Sweet Sunshine, I can’t help myself. Not only are the cupcakes inexpensive, but moist, and flavorful through and through. The lemon cupcake is one of my favorites. It has lemon frosting and little bits of lemon shavings in the cupcake. Amazing.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery  126 Rivington St. Ny, NY 10002 (212)995-1960

3. 2 Bros. aka Dollar slice – So this is not a place to go to if you’re looking for ambiance or comfort. You order your slice and get out. And for a dollar a slice you can’t ask for much. And the pizza isn’t half bad. I ate here for a month straight every time I went out for pizza. Granted when I decided to finally fork over the cash and go elsewhere. I couldn’t return for a while. My number one suggestion. Do not sit in the back, you just don’t want that experience. But hey, it’s a dollar a slice.

2 Bros Pizza – 32 St. Marks Place Ny, NY 10003 btwn 3rd ave & Astor Place (212)777-0600

4. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – I don’t hear about this place enough. Me. I’m an ice cream fan. I constantly look for the best ice cream where ever I go. So far my favorite vanilla is called Brighams Ice Cream from outside Boston. It has to have a smooth vanilla flavor, not chalky and not too creamy. My other hunt is for the best Butter Pecan. So far Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory has it. It tastes like the creamy buttery cloud that you just want to float around in. Not too many pecans, but just enough.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – Old Fulton & Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 Cash only

That’s all for now. Look out for volume 2, and don’t forget to request any restaurants, bodegas or cafes that you think are over-rated or under-rated.


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