Over-rated| Under-rated Vol. 2


Xaixai Winebar – this South African Wine bar in Hells Kitchen has had great reviews, but only by word of mouth. With the dark wood paneling and dimly lit tables it provides a great place for a date. The idea of the restaurant was to introduce new yorkers to wines from a unique point of view and place. The most important thing is the food which is absolutely fantastic. The macaroni and cheese is to die for. The staff is made up of a group of South Africans that bring the hospitality from Africa to this spot on 51st. street.

Xaixai Winebar – 369 West 51st st. Hells Kitchen, website/menu

Menupages – I have this application on my phone and it’s definitely a go to whenever someone needs to find a place to eat for lunch, or a brunch or dinner  in a certain area of this city. This website is definitely under-rated, this app is definitely under-rated! It’s a must have for any foodie, or any tourist, or anybody in any city that it’s offered. The best thing is that Menupages and Seamless web just joined forces to become a dominant power in the internet food menu and food ordering scene. This can only mean good things, offering more options for people who are starving for something yummy for their tummy.

Menupages – online – website


Zagat – You can find their logo on every window of every restaurant. As if saying that Zagat was here, makes me want to go in and try your food. Zagat means absolutely nothing to me at this point. I see it on the window of a restaurant or cafe and wonder, what does that sticker even mean? Yes, Zagat came to your restaurant, but did they even like what they had? I have never heard of anyone using a Zagat app, or referring to the website for a review. I picked up their book when I was getting my hair done, and it was too dense and not very opinionated for a book that is based on reviews, which are opinions. It just lists restaurants endlessly, without a focus. It was too much to borrow through, in the few seconds we have when we’re deciding what to eat. But that’s just my opinion.

Zagat – bookstores everywhere – website

Calexico-  Okay, so this one may be controversial. I don’t eat pork or beef, so my opinion may be skewed because the main reason why most people stand in line for 30 minutes is for the carne asada. So if you like carne asada I suggest you try it out.  I tried the pollo asado in a burrito. I thought the chicken was overcooked and I got some gristle that was not fun to chew through. The chicken was also a little too smokey for me, almost overtaking the flavor of the chicken. But there have to be tons of people who think I’m wrong because they recently opened up storefronts in Redhook and Greenpoint.

follow on twitter @calexiconyc

Calexico – 645 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint |122 Union St., Redhook  website/menu


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