The Chew

So…I have the day off and am stuck in my room tucked away from the rainy day, catching up on e-mails and checking my twitter feed. The tv is on in the background, and I find myself watching mid-afternoon tv. To my amazement this new show called “The Chew” comes on. I watched the first episode of this wannabe Martha Stewart mixed with bad sets and even worse food topics food show. I thought it had been cancelled due to the plain hideousness of the set, and the lack in quality of the topics and hosts of the show.

The only reason I can come up with for the reason why it still continues to air, is because nothing else is on during this time slot and Mario Batali carries it. The other hosts are Michael Symon star of Iron Chef America (I guess I should know that), Carla Hall (Competitor on Top Chef) who? Is what I say to that! Clinton Kelly of “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London. He and Stacy london are attached at the hip, it doesn’t work without the other, especially outside of fashion, and what does he know about food anyway? He doesn’t, he’s supposed to show us how to decorate our table for christmas like EVERY OTHER tv show does around this time of year. And lastly how could I forget Daphne Oz! That name sounds familiar because she’s Dr. Oz’s daughter, she’s supposed to be the healthy living resident of this disaster of a show.

I personally think they just should’ve given Mario Batali his own show on network tv, which they probably offered. But he’s too busy making money with his many restaurants and gargantuan, spectacular tourist trap Eataly.

I hope it gets cancelled but knowing me everything I watch gets cancelled and all the crappy tv stay on air. I wonder what that means?

The Chew – maybe they have good recipes? Doubt it!


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