Brooklyn Seems to be the Place to Be

The reason why I chose to live in the borough of Brooklyn and in my area known as Park Slope, is because it’s neighborhoody vibe mixed with Manhattan ambiance is the perfect way to live life. I get the perks of a quiet neighborhood, but still get to enjoy the great food the city has to offer. Just in my little area we have an outpost of Joes Pizza (famous for being in the movie Spiderman), we have Blue Ribbon which has been known for it’s great sushi and even better chefs. We gleefully receive the Dumpling Truck and Waffles & Dinges, along with the Cupcake Stop and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.

So as you can see above, we are by all means not left out of the Mahnhattan food scene. But there has been an increase in movement of restaurants from Manhattan to Brooklyn this past year, especially in the northern sphere of the borough Williamsburg.

Here’s an excerpt of what I found on a fellow blog site Brooklyn Based

Here’s a round-up of Manhattan originals with recently opened or in-progress Williamsburg analogues.

Fatty ‘Cue 91 South 6th, between Bedford and Berry Opened: March 2010 Manhattan sister restaurants: Fatty Crab (West Village/Upper West Side), opened 2005/2009

Momofuku Milk Bar 382 Metropolitan, at Havemeyer Opened: November 2010 Manhattan stalwart: East Village, opened 2008

Crif Dogs 555 Driggs, between North 6th and North 7th Opened: January 2011 Manhattan stalwart : East Village, opened 2001

Betto 138 North 8th, between Berry and Bedford Opened: July 2011 Manhattan sister restaurants: ‘ino (West Village, 1998), ‘inoteca (LES), Corsino Cantina (West Village, 2009)

Meatball Shop 170 Bedford, between North 7th and North 8th Opened: July 2011 Manhattan stalwart: Lower East Side, opened 2010

Café de La Esquina @ Wythe Diner 225 Wythe, between North 3rd and Metropolitan Opened: August 2011 Manhattan sister restaurant: La Esquina (Nolita), opened 2005

Isa 348 Wythe, between South 2nd and South 3rd Opened: September 2011 Manhattan sister restaurants: Freeman’s (LES), opened 2006; Peels (LES), opened 2010

Vanessa’s Dumpling House 310 Bedford, at South 1st Opened: TBD–slated for October 2011 Manhattan stalwart: Chinatown, opened 1999, various other locations

Mama’s Food Shop 310 South 4th, at Rodney Opened: Late October Manhattan stalwart: East Village, opened 1995

Café Mogador Wythe, between North 7th and North 8th Opened: TBD Manhattan stalwart: East Village, opened 1983

All I can say is, Eat up Brooklyn! Enjoy!


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