Best New Pizza in NYC

So I was just dilly dallying on Timeout NYC website when I ran across this awesome tag line – Best New Pizza in NYC! Low and behold, there are places in NYC I haven’t tried and they have NEW pizza! What does that even mean?!

The first they mentioned was Keste, I’ve been to Keste, and this pizza joint does not joke around. Located on one of the busiest tourist blocks in the NY Metro area it’s still a hidden gem.

How awesome does that look?! It makes me want to lick my screen just to get as close as possible! This is their butternut-squash cream, smoked mozzerella and artichoke pizza. A meal in a slice! I don’t believe it can get more delicious than this!

Keste is located on 271 Bleecker St. btwn Cornelia and Jones St.

The next place is Co. I have yet to experience the amazingness of this pizza heaven. I guess it’s the no-knead technique the former baker of Sullivan St. Bakery inputs into his slices. YUMMY! Is the only thing that comes to mind!

Co. is located at 230 Ninth Ave at 24th st.

Those are just a few to get your taste buds going! Mine sure are…Thank you Timeout NYC!

I have some eating to do this weekend!


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