Co. (Company)

Co. aka (Company) is sooooo worth it. This restaurant/upscale pizza shop has a friendly and welcoming vibe starting with the host waiting to seat you. As you first enter the restaurant you see the 7 seat bar and the bartender busy making drinks, and hot cocoa for kids. Then you look left and are greeted with 2 long communal tables with seats for 2 bordering the far wall. In the front of the restaurant there are floor to ceiling windows, where you can watch passers-by. But you won’t have time to watch people outside, because you will be watching the food come from the petite kitchen in the back. All I could make out was a beautiful oven, but everything that came out of that area looked absolutely D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

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I ordered the Margherita pizza from the bartender at the bar where I was sitting. But then I glanced and saw the Popeye pizza and decided to order that to go. The pizzas are the size of a small pizza anywhere else. But it’s made for sharing. The menu offers other tasty bites such as bread, toast or salad to share like tapas.

When I bit into the Margherita pizza the tomato sauce tasted like a fresh juicy cherry tomato burst inside my mouth. I’ve never tasted sauce so fresh. It was as if they added no seasoning, no salt, no pepper, NOTHING. They just took tomatoes and put them on the dough. It can’t get much better. The pizza was steaming hot, but cooled quickly where I could indulge in the melted smooth, yummy mozzarella and fresh pieces of basil. There is nothing quite like it. There is a reason why this ranks as the number one pizza place in NYC. It lives up to the hype.

Even when it was busy on a saturday afternoon during brunch, the area still seemed spacious. The staff was the friendliest and most astute I’ve met in a while. The servers know everything on the menu, and make good suggestions.

Oh by the way. I ended up eating the Popeye pizza for dinner. It was just as amazing reheated.

Co. – 230 Ninth Ave at 24th St. – Chelsea- website/menu 


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