David Burke Kitchen

It’s restaurant week folks, and it only lasts for three weeks! Now is the time to get your restaurant on! So I decided that it would be a great idea if I would participate in this festivity in New York City this time.

My choices of restaurants to go to include:

Kittichai, Indochine, Capitale Grille, Apiary, David Burke Kitchen, Hill Country Barbecue, Arabelle, Chinatown Brasserie, Fig & Olive on Fifth, Il Cantinori and Le Cirque.

My first experience for Restaurant Week was David Burke Kitchen. It was a great space. It’s known for it’s modern, american and locally sourced food. Beautifully presented and well crafted meals.

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So lets talk food. To start I had the pretzel crabcake with mustard glaze, white beer and red pepper marmalade, It looked amazing, and quite interestingly presented. The crab cake was ehhh…like a crab cake at any other restaurant. I was expecting more because it was DAVID BURKE. The glaze was on the side for dipping each bite into. I wished the crab cake was infused with something that added to the flavoring of the crabcake not just put on the side.

My friend sitting at the table as well thought the same thing with her Lobster soup with coconut fennel creme and red watercress. The presentation was exquisite, but the soup was so so. As a table we split the “maple, date and bacon” skewers. This was the highlight of the appetizer. Even though I don’t eat pork I tried this date wrapped in the delectable pork we call bacon. The two ingredients mixed together were a soul searching afair. It made you feel like you were sitting on a window bench staring out into a cold abiss while sipping on some hot cocoa feeling all warm and cozy. Then there was a warm grape covered in a crumb top (not sure what it was). When you bit into the morsel you could feel the grape EXPLODING in your mouth full of flavor and yumminess. It was a wonderful surprise.

On to the main course (fyi eating multiple courses is hard, no matter how small they may be). I had the Black Sea Bass with tomato miso, radish and carrots. And that’s exactly what it was. The Black Sea Bass was cooked to perfection where the meat was just falling off the skin. It was simple and full of its natural flavor. The tomato miso was again, on the side as well as the simply placed carrots and radishes. The tomato miso was good, but I wish it was infused into the fish. My eating mates for the night had the Prime Rib-eye and the other the Salmon steak. Both again, were left wanting more, though presentation was definitely an “oooh and ahhhh” moment.

Lastly for dessert, I ordered the Chocolate mousse bar, it had caramel and chocolate with chocolate mouse all in a candy bar type shape. It was delectable and decadent. It would definitely satisfy a chocolate craving without feeling like you’ve eaten a pound of it. My friends ordered the plate of cookies and a red velvet cake with cheesecake frosting and ice cream. At this moment we were so full we couldn’t finish anything and were satisfyingly full.

We left with a sense of love for fresh food and the ambiance in the restaurant. We didn’t feel rushed, we could’ve sat there for hours and “digested” as my family does. Service was off the charts amazing (which is expected). We just wished some of the items had a little bit more flavor.

For about $50 a person (and that was a deal) we could’ve gotten more flavorful food. But I guess it’s all about ambiance these days. I would only recommend it if you have a few extra bucks to spend.

David Burke Kitchen- 23 Grand Street at 6th Ave website/menu


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