The Resolution

So how many of you made new years resolutions? We’re any of them related to losing wait, eating less, or giving up fried food? How many of you have broken them already? Or just didn’t make any in the first place because you knew you weren’t going to keeps them?

I have attempted these same resolutions. But how does a foodie stop eating what they love most. My answer to that is moderation. I gave up all fast food (except pizza), and soda. Things I crave, but waste my money and aren’t worth it in the end.

Think about all you coffee drinkers, how much money do you waste everyday because you have to have your caffeine fix. I have sworn off caffeine totally except in things where it naturally exists.

I don’t have any magical answers, tips or tricks. I just say go with it. Do what is best for you, but don’t be weak and just not make resolutions because you think you can’t keep them. Yes you are allowed to cheat every now and then, but soon it will be easy peasey.

Oh btw – while I was writing this I ate an entire box of Kraft mac n cheese. And I loved every minute of it!


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