Forcella La Pizza di Napoli: Williamsburg Edition

Forcella in Williamsburg off of Lorimer is a cute. quaint spot. I have to say I may be slightly biased because they started off the experience on the wrong foot with me. I’m not a fan of liars.

I called to book a reservation for a Friday night and they said they were completely booked between the hours of 6pm and 10pm. I decided to go anyway, just to see if they happen to have a table for two. If they didn’t I had a backup. My friend and I arrived at 6:30 expecting a line out the door.

The place was empty. There was only a family with a young boy and a baby that didn’t want to stop crying. Nevertheless, we went in. The ambiance was very date friendly. The tables a little to close for comfort, but you do what you gotta do to make a buck right?!

No on to the food. They’re famous for their fried dough pizza. It’s called the Montara. It’s lightly fried then baked with marinara sauce, mozzerella and basil. It was an interesting choice. Yes, it’s different, but I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it. Imagine fried dough (or a zeppoli) without the powdered sugar and cinnamon, just plain. Then add marinara sauce and mozzerella cheese. I guess you can relate it to savory crepes. To me crepes should always have fruit. I know people keep telling me it’s different, but a pancake should never have ham and spinach in the middle (i don’t even eat ham). So it was edible, not amazing, not bad, just different.

All in all the waitstaff was on point (though they had nothing else to do). The ambiance was nice. It was ok. But I don’t think it’s worth going to again. Maybe it’s different in the Manhattan location.

Forcella Williamsburg – 485 Lorimer St. Brooklyn – menu/website


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