Sarabeth’s TriBeCa

I get a daily email from Tasting Table blog. On Friday it listed the top 10 brunch spots in the city. I’d been to the majority except for one that had all its locations included. So I thought it best to research this anomaly. Sarabeth’s.

Sarabeth’s TriBeCa was gorgeous. Very spacious and airy even though the place was packed and probably an hour-long wait. It’s more family friendly than I thought (because of the high prices). But I forgot I was in TriBeCa.

I say at the bar so I didn’t have to wait. The waiter behind the bar was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and recommended the Lemon Ricotta pancakes (14$) over the original buttermilk pancakes with strawberries. He was quick to suggest that I get the chicken apple sausage ($7) to complete the meal. I gladly obliged.




The plate arrived with 6 fluffy, perfectly round, good size pancakes with blackberries on the side. The waiter provided me with an extra helping of syrup. Let’s just say the lemon ricotta pancakes were perfect with the added bonus of how well the lemon flavor mice with the syrup. Best pancakes I ever had.

Even though it was packed, I never felt rushed and was allowed to read my book in peace. Other than the price, this is probably one of the best restaurants in the city for breakfast/brunch. It is a semi-good value with the amount of food you get. I took half of my pancakes home.

Sarabeth’s TriBeCa – 339 Greenwich st between Harrison St. & Jay st. – website/menu


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