Smorgasborg back in Form. But a Little Heavy on the Beef

I went to Smorgasborg today as promised. It was full of new and exciting vendors. They remade the space. Which made it a lot less claustrophobic and definitely necessary.

My only complaint I would say is that the market was a little heavy on the beef.

Almost every vendor was selling some sort of burger, taco or nacho. All made with beef. There were also a lot of ribs and pork. Maybe it’s just the nice weather and everyone wanted to barbecue. I’m surprised there weren’t more vegetarian options (which there usually are). Maybe it’s a new trend. ‘Beef. It’s what’s for dinner’ and lunch and breakfast the next day.

I am happy to see new faces, although a lot are more mature restaurants in niche markets now. I love supporting the little person and hope they can accommodate more of the smaller person in the future.

I tried an amazing chicken and biscuit from Beehive Oven it had pickled something that was AMAZEBALLS! It was definitely worth the money I paid for it. But I was sad it didn’t last long :(.

I tried a frittata from Frede Frico. It was really good. Does anyone know if frittatas are supposed to be cold? I thought not. But the lady said it was what they wanted to present to me so I took them for their word. Hmmmm… Either way it came with a salad and it was the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten at Smorgasborg. So I felt good.

Lastly I had mac n cheese from the Melt Truck stand. It was yummy and cheesy…..and did I say yummy, but I guess that’s the usual from Melt. You better expect the best from the prices they make you pay but it’s all made “fresh” which I guess is supposed to mean something now.

If you missed out on Smorgasborg today you can head to the one in DUMBO tomorrow in Brooklyn Bridge Park or just wait a week.

Check out my pics below. Enjoy.










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