David Burke and Crumbs? !

I was looking at my New York Metro this morning and found that David Burke (chef and restauranteur) has joined with Crumbs (semi-good cupcake shop) in the NYC area. I’m surprised that he would go this route. It does make sense that Crumbs would want to up their visibility and their cupcake cred by enlisting a high-profile and excellent chef, but wouldn’t it do the opposite for David Burke? I guess only time will tell.
The food in the picture does look good, very simple but fresh (hopefully). Seems like they’re taking the model of food similar to Starbucks. They are offering simple sandwiches and salads like tomato, mozzarella and basil on a baguette… I think it will be difficult for customers to go to Crumbs for lunch. Coffee, yes. Cupcakes, absolutely. Lunch, I don’t know.

Either way, they still offer their gigantic Cupcake cake and their too large cupcakes. I’ll definitely stick with those.
Happy Eats


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