Baked. No I’m not talking about the green leaf!

I ventured to Baked today in Red Hook Brooklyn. They have a wide arrange of tarts, cupcakes, scones, muffins, cafesque sandwiches and whoopie pies!

I’m not gonna lie. I could live here. And live a good life. Yes Red Hook is in a flood zone. But you do what you have to in order to get your kick of amazingness at Baked! I may need to move to the neighborhood in order to do this.

Today I had a lemon like tart it was sour and sweet to perfection. It looks good too!


I’m also eating a strawberry whoopie pie that is light as a cloud. It’s not too sweet either which means I can eat more of them!

Baked has a great coffee house vibe and is definitely worth the trip. Children are here but not in abundance. And it’s close to IKEA. So what could be better to stop by and grab a coffee and scone or a tart and cake? Nothing. Go Get BAKED!



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