Di Fara’s Updated

The last time I went to Di Fara’s was 5 years ago before I moved to New York and before I knew about the amazing adventures pizza would take me on. I stayed with my friend in Bed Stuy and we took 2 buses and train to get there. Now I am conveniently located only a few stops away on the subway, but have still not managed to get there again until now. 

My friend and I were on our way to Di Fara’s in Midwood (sorry no pictures, I was too excited being in the midst of the pizza God), it was raining, but the clouds parted as I stepped of the train, which meant the line was short. This means the line was less than 20 people long. The person at the counter has 2 lists, one for pies and one for slices. I signed up for 3 slices and my friend got 2 (at 5$ a slice I wanted to make sure it was a meal). He says the wait is about an hour. Luckily for us, the person who had ordered a large number of slices before us was no where to found (it pays to wait inside and not go wandering) so within a matter 10 minutes we had our slices in front us.

The smell was amazing. I can’t begin to describe it, so I won’t. The pizza. The reason why it’s life changing is: Every single bite has a beautifully refreshing basil flavor. It’s as if they drizzle a basil infused oil all over the pizza, but it’s just because the few leaves of basil are so fresh and fragrant they engulf all your senses, making every bite  taste like the perfect melding of basil, cheese, and sauce. Every slice after a eating at this place will never be the same.

My only gripe with my slices this time was that they were slightly on the soggy side and limp. I remember from last time, that my crust was burnt black, but tasted like a crisp dough, there was none of that burnt taste which surprised me. This time my crust was not black and crispy, and had slightly less flavor.

I know each pie is different, so I am willing to give Di Fara’s the benefit of the doubt. Each slice was still magnificent and I haven’t had a slice even close to that in a while. Don’t you just love it when everything comes together the way it’s supposed to?


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