There are Worst Things in the World

I’m reading Grubstreet and listening to Pandora (Train radio). They “grubstreet” have a profile of Marc Web who is finishing up the Spiderman movie. He talks about what he’s eaten over the past few days. In every one of these profiles everyone eats super healthy/organic/juice cleanse. Then they complain about how gluttonous they are or don’t want to order an entire order of something amazing because they will feel guilty!0

I’m so sick of people complaining about food, why are they even being profiled if they don’t love food! I understand as we get older we have to take better care of ourselves and watch what we eat. But that’s why moderation and to go containers exist. There is no need to deny yourself anything, as long as you don’t over do it. Who wants to eat to live? That’s no fun L. I live to eat, and that’s what I thought Grub Street was about. Enjoying life, enjoying the tastes and smells of what food has to offer. There are worst things in the world than eating a little too much.

Happy eating!


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