It’s the Litte Things

I was reading this article about the demise of dessert and pastry chefs in restaurants. The article discussed the issue of how expensive it is to have a pastry chef on staff because they don’t bring in as much money as a sous chef, as well as people aren’t eating dessert as much. I believe this is a travesty. I understand these are valid points but Brooke Headley of Del Posto put it best:

“Across the board, I just think of it as a hospitality issue. The two most crucial plates of food that go out are the antipasti, and then the dessert, because it’s the first impression and then the last impression. Hospitality is a hard thing to put a number on, you know? It’s hard to quantify making people feel good.”

Have you ever witnessed a person eating a slice of chocolate cake at the end of a meal? Or, a childs face covered in frosting after shoving their entire face in their birthday cake. It’s pure joy, elation, happiness. Having dessert or cake for that matter is about the little things, the expensive or inexpensive, but the things that make the hairs on our body raise in total exuberance. And yes, a really good piece of cake can do that.

Support your pastry chefs! Have a slice of cake!

Happy Eats!

New York’s Changing Dessert Landscape



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