Hi! My name is Aria, I’m originally from Newton, Massachusetts but blog from my home for the past three years of Brooklyn, NY. Living in New York City I’ve been exposed to some of the best food in the world, no matter what the type. My goal is to share that and my love for all things food with you.

The reason for Pizza & a Cupcake for the  title of my blog is because living in New York things are expensive, including food. But wanting to see the city and explore you have to find a way to eat cheap, and there’s no lack of pizza and cupcake places.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m a pizza feign either. My favorite foods in almost any form are tomatoes+bread+cheese=pizza. So I’m in heaven. I also love love love cake, desserts and sweets in general. My friends have told me that I know of or have been to every bakery, or sweet shop before it opens. I thank the many food blogs, tv shows and newspapers I constantly read and watch, I will be referencing them on this blog. It doesn’t hurt that I’m constantly hungry and  I love it! Some people eat to live. But I live to eat!


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