Cupcake Wars

So this is the time. Let’s get down to business. This cupcake thing is serious. I HEART CAKE. It’s never a bad day if cake is involved! So, to my list. Over the past couple of years and intensive research I have made it to a few cupcake/dessert/bakeries around the NYC area. I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard to tell a good cupcake from a bad one. My main criteria are moistness, freshness, flavor, amount of sweetness and originality. If it isn’t on this list, it means I haven’t gotten there yet. Please don’t hesitate to comment below or suggest a place I have yet to explore that is worth exploring! Here are my favorites #1 being the best.

* I have not jumped on the red velvet band wagon, therefore I don’t have an opinion about that flavor.

1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine – 126 Rivington St. nr Essex St. website/menu

This is the best of the best for me. It’s definitely the best cupcake for the money in the city, I’ve had so far! I enter this bakery and pass by people sitting,drinking coffee or having a muffin. I make a “b” line to counter where there is hopefully a short line. In the window I see trays and trays of glorious cupcakes. Cupcakes are 1.75 each which allows me to get multiples (usually a half-dozen). I have yet to have a bad cupcake from here. My favorite flavor and most refreshing, is the lemon. The point in having a lemon cupcake is for it to be slightly tart but not too much. This cupcake balances the flavor perfectly with its lemon frosting and cake with lemon shavings in each bite. I have nothing bad to say about Sugar Sweet Sunshine, except that maybe they need to expand! But overall, their cupcakes are always fresh, moist and not too sweet. It’s just as sweet as sunshine!

2. Sprinkles Cupcakes – 780 Lexington Ave. website/menu

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie. I feel guilty about this one. I know about the competition between the East Coast and the West Coast. Who’s better, New York or LA. But these cupcakes are like crack! They’re better than crack! I have to give props to the West Coast on this one. I stood in line for 20 minutes the second day they opened (I hate standing in line) and was excited to be apart of this new, fun and oh so yummy cupcakerie. Their frosting is just the right amount, just the right sweetness and everyone seems like it was just made (which it probably was because they sell out so quickly). They list their daily flavors online so you know what to expect when you walk into what looks like lollipop land. The only debbie-downer is that the cupcakes will cost you a pretty penny at $3.50 a piece. But it’s worth the splurge.

3. Little Cupcake Bakeshop – 30 Prince St. – website/menu

I don’t have anything bad to say about this bakeshop. I just finished off two cupcakes today. I had my favorite, lemon and a growing favorite coconut. On the lemon I noticed that they add a layer of lemon merengue before they add the frosting. This lemon is not a tart one at all. But it hits the spot. I love everything about this bakery. I’ve tried their cookies (divine), their muffins (fresh and plump), and their cheesecakes (just decadent enough). Their hot chocolate isn’t bad either, and a good price. I suggest you go on a off time (not weekends) because of the tourist crowd in Soho, or just head to their Brooklyn location and I’m sure you’ll be one of the first there.

4. Chikalicious – 204 E 10th nr 2nd Ave website/menu

5. 2 Little Red Hens – 1652 2nd Ave @ 86th St.

So I heard about 2 Little Red Hens from a friend who lived around the corner from it. They also sell their cupcakes to Dean & Deluca but lo and behold the cupcakes were almost twice the price than at the bakery. I recommend going to the bakery anyways. It’s definitely worth the trip to see the amazing detailing and decorating on the cakes and cupcakes they have in the windows. The space is a cute little cafe type with a warm and welcoming feeling. On top of the ambiance and how pretty all the baked goods were, the cupcakes held up to wait and were amazing! If I didn’t live so far away, I would go more often!

6. Lulu Cake Boutique

7. Billys – 184 9th Ave nr 21st St.

8. Sweet Revenge – 62 Carmine St.

9. Sweet Melissa Patisserie – 175 7th Ave btwn 1st & 2nd St. Brooklyn NY

10. Baked by Melissa – 529 Broadway at Spring St. btwn Broadway and Mercer

11. Butterlane – 123 7th St. nr Ave A

12. Magnolia Bakery – 401 Bleeker St. @ 11th St.


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